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Foreword v
Marc Guttman

1. Stumbling and Bumbling Toward Truth? 1
Wilton D. Alston

2. Freedom is the Cure 13
Paris Lovett

3. Litigating For Liberty 33
Scott Bullock

4. I Lost My Home and We Lost Our Property Rights 43
Susette Kelo

5. Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good 49
John Stossel

6. Liberty for Nigeria 65
Thompson Ayodele

7. People Everywhere Just Got To Be Free 71
David F. Nolan

8. A Voice of Liberty 75
Tonie Nathan
9. Freedom Path 83
Clint Bolick

10. The “Spirit” in Liberty 87
Mary J. Ruwart

11. Free Market Environmentalism in France: A Difficult Challenge 93
Max Falque

12. From Far Left to Libertarian 101
Arnold Kling

13. The Makings of a Tropical Libertarian 105
Rigoberto Stewart

14. A Libertarian Odyssey 115
Ken Schoolland

15. Freedom is Necessary to Good Health 125
Robban Sica

16. On The Way to The Voting Booth 133
Frank Van Dun

17. Liberty and Social Harmony 143
Jan Narveson

18. To This Moment 149
Karen Kwiatkowski

19. A Libertarian Law Enforcer 157
John A. Gayder

20. Keep Your Laws Off My Body 163
Justine Nicholas

21. The Significance of the Berlin Wall—an African Perspective 167
Temba A. Nolutshungu

22. The Science of Freedom 173
Michael Shermer

23. Free at Last, Free at Last, Thanks to Libertarians, I'm Free at Last! 183
Steve Kubby

24. One Stone in the Foundation of Liberty in Albania 189
Kozeta Cuadari (Çika)

25. How Anarcho-capitalism Found Me 195
Brad Edmonds

26. Consciousness, Community and Liberty 201
Carol Moore

27. My Life in Court Led Me to Libertarian Environmentalism 211
Rex Curry

28. How I Found Libertarianism in an Unfree World 215
Dave Walter

29. My Defense of Liberty 219
Tibor R. Machan

30. Why My Vote Counts 229
John Calone

31. Life is What You Make of It 231
Hubert Jongen

32. Destined to Freedom 237
Khalil Ahmad

33. The Only Authority Worthy of My Submission 243
Michelle Shinghal

34. Letter To My Friend Gabriel Boragina 249
Ricardo Valenzuela

35. A Personal History of Political Freedom 255
Stefan Molyneux

36. The Instinctive Libertarian 261
Jan Jones Stover

37. My Very First Libertarian National Convention 267
Steve Trinward

38. Tipping Point 273
Terry Floyd

39. Returning to Bring Freedom to Zimbabwe 285
Denford Madenyika

40. Government Schools: Teaching Our Children Not To Be Free 291
Tricia Shore

41. Our Liberty to Choose 297
Andrew S. Fischer

42. The Wrong of Regulating Each Other 301
Debra Schum

43. One Step Forward For Liberty 307
Fábio M. Ostermann

44. From Political Apathy to Evangelist for Small Government 311
Carla Howell

45. My Free-Market Epiphany 321
Randal O’Toole

46. Liberty Is the Soul of Our Country 331
James P Gray

47. Health Care and Freedom: One Perspective 333
Roderick T. Beaman

48. Political and Spiritual Liberty through the Responsibility of Choice 343
Werner Catsman

49. Understanding Human Nature in Economics 351
Pascal Salin

50. The Red Pest 361
Edgar Piña Ortiz

51. What Kerouac, Kennedy, Lincoln, and Practicing Medicine
Have Taught Me About Liberty 371
Donald W. Miller, Jr.

52. From Collective to Individual Liberty 379
Bienvenido “Nonoy” Oplas, Jr.

53. Endeavoring to Gain Compassionate Common Sense 385
Sumit Dahiya

54. Personal Story 393
Vince Miller